George and Tammy

There’s a limited series due out December 4 about this dynamic duo of Country Music Superstars. Based on what I know about the time the two spent together, if done right the audience is in for a wild ride. If you watch this trailer it appears to be just that, this pair was full of magic and major league madness.

Both Tammy Wynette and George Jones are legends in County Music and as solo artists. Together they made music like few others could. Have a listen to “Golden Ring” a song they performed together after a tumultuous divorce.

They had several other great songs together but their individual fame, fortune and lifestyle created a clash for the ages.

Watch the above clip of “We’re Gonna Hold On” and you can see the chemistry that made the pair irresistibly captivating.

As much as they wanted “to go together” fans wanted it too. Some things are just not meant to last, but what a legacy.

One thought on “George and Tammy

  1. I really hope they do these two justice in the movie. Two good actors in the roles, although I’m not really sure I forgive Chastain yet for playing Tammy Fae! Oh the irony of going from Tammy Fae to Tammy Wynette! Have loved Michael Shannon’s work for a long time. Not sure I see him as Possum but will give him a chance. Now that the cinema part is out of the way, George Jones is my #1 hands-down favorite male country singer. I am thrilled that “Hollywood” is resurrecting his music, and I hope that young people will watch, listen, and help keep him alive. Tammy ain’t no slouch neither!


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