Dedicated to the One I Love

The Shirelles would have their first hit with a cover of this song. It was 1959 and the year success began for the legendary group, it is also the year we began. It’s rare that I take a full personal tangent for my blog post, but it is with good reason, it’s my wife’s Birthday. No surprise here, I will tell the story with some songs!

This next song was also released that same year. I am sure it’s just a coincidence, these songs are from some of my favorite artists: this one by The Crickets (without Buddy Holly) and it was released as a single in 1959, the year she was born.

If you are wondering just how many ‘Deborah’ songs there are, it’s just a handful.

This “Deborah” is a different one, this time by Dave Edmunds on an album I still own, it was released in 1978, which happens to be the year I would have first seen her. Although at the time I did not know who she was.
Released in 1984, many agree this is Ennio Morricone’s most beautiful composition, “Deborah’s Theme” surely this is just one more coincidence…

As I noted, today is my wife’s Birthday. Added to the cause for celebration is the fact that by the end of next week, my amazing wife closes a chapter on her career. She refuses to say she is retiring as she is “staying on” in an advisory capacity, so I guess we will have to call it a technical retirement. It’s a busy time for the family outside of this so I have received strict instructions not to be making a fuss. Busy or not, this is typical request. Regardless, I could not let these days go unacknowledged. In keeping with my theme, I’ll use this metaphor, the ‘song’ of my life could not be written without her, and if you check the comments and clips above it seems as though it was destined from the start.

Those who know her will nod their heads in agreement when I list just a few of the words you could use to describe her. She is a force, and by that I mean she leads by example with hard work, dedication and a rather uncommon ability to use common sense. It’s tough for anyone to reach the executive level in any profession and we know tougher still for women. She hasn’t let much slow her down, despite having some major curves sent her way.

She has been a wonderful mother and role model for our daughters who have grown into fine women and we could not be more proud. She is also an incredible provider for our family. As a partner I definitely won the lottery. Smart, beautiful, funny, determined and just a tiny bit stubborn. Oh wait, did I say that last part out loud?

As to music she has seen both David Bowie and Elton John among others. Mostly she likes stuff you can dance to. Despite my best efforts I haven’t converted her to Nick Lowe (she did come with once) or Dave Edmunds but hey we definitely agree on Paul Carrack!

We heard Paul sing “When You Walk in the Room” (Jackie DeShannon) in 1987 at the launch performance for his album Don’t Shed a Tear in Toronto. It’s a song that could be a bit of an anthem for me. That night he was backed by none other than Nick Lowe. Coincidence?

Ok, here is her favorite song! Or so I thought, it’s actually “Fool in the Rain”, also apparently written about how I feel about now! What do I know from ZEP!

Here is the correct song!

Thank you my dear for all that you have done and continue to do. Happy Birthday and Happy (mostly) Retirement.

And at the end of May it will be 37 years, here is a picture from the big day, with her parents..”Well, take a look at the bridegroom smilin’ pleased as pie”*

All my love, Randy

*Lyric reference once again from words by Nick Lowe, “I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock ‘n’ Roll)

20 thoughts on “Dedicated to the One I Love

  1. What a great tribute Randy! Perhaps now that she may have more time on her hands, she can take the time to more appreciate Nick Lowe / Dave Edmunds!!

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  2. a very nice and touching tribute! Happy birthday to her and congrats to both of you for a successful marriage of that long.
    I’d forgotten about that Paul Carrack song – it’ s quite a decent one, nice to be reminded of it. One more musical ‘Deborah’ that came to my mind was the object of the singer’s affection in Pulp’s “Disco 2000”


  3. You’re so sweet! Maybe someday I will get to meet this wife of yours! Maybe a trip east to revisit your maternal ancestry!? Hope she has a wonderful retirement … and Happy Birthday!

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  4. I am speechless, and just so you know that does not happen often…okay, never! What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your wife. All I can say is that you are both very lucky to have what you have. And as I am sure you know, “luck” is really made with hard work and devotion. Happy birthday to your wife, and congratulations to you both.

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  5. This blog definitely moved me to tears. Thank you for such a moving tribute. Love you so much! PS – my favourite song is ‘Fool in the Rain’, even after 37 years there are a few things we can still get wrong 😘

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