Instrumental Songs

Instrumental Pop Songs

The instrumental Pop song is very much a thing of the past. At one time there would be several instrumentals on the mainstream charts, some would even hit #1. These days pop artists rarely release singles without vocals, such fare is relegated to the odd addition on an album or in a live performance while the singer takes a break. There are of course instrumental versions of well known popular vocal songs, “Over the Rainbow“(1939) is a melody everyone knows and since David Rose and His Orchestra released the first instrumental in 1942 there are at least three or four new versions every year, totalling into the many hundreds. In 1965, the same year “Yesterday” came out George Martin and His Orchestra released an instrumental version titled “Scramble Egg“, while nobody uses the original working title there are over 500 non-vocal tracks of the song, such as a recent one by the Jazz guitarist Al Di Meola. The Beatles themselves recorded some instrumental songs though none of them were hits; their first was as The Quarrymen and another while acting as Tony Sheridan’s backup band, as The Beatles there was “12 Bar Original” (not released until 1996), also “Flying” from the Sgt. Peppers Album, their last was “Cry for a Shadow” as a tribute to the British Instrumental group The Shadows.

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