The 2021 Update of the Most Covered Pop Songs and Artists of All Time

The 2021 Update of the Most Covered Songs and Artists of All Time

I have three categories in today’s blog: 1. The most covered songs written by a single artist, 2. The most cover versions combined and 3. The most covered Pop songs.  These numbers are for artists that write and record their own songs. For more on songwriters, read my series I Write the Songs. The statistics come courtesy of and are verified via strict protocols. This website posts ‘covers’ submitted from around the globe and in many different languages, edited by very knowledgeable experts in music recording. There are other resources as cited but other than the odd personal anecdote or opinion, I’m using information and knowledge, not to mention YouTube posts that already exist. In addition, the numbers change daily, I had originally written this blog in December 2019 so it’s been interesting to see the changes over two years. On the whole, the artists in each list mostly stayed the same but may have shuffled positions. The information in this blog is from statistics collected on or around Oct. 8, 2021.

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Session and Background Singers


Background Singers


Today I am talking about the voices in the back, these singers may also include the ones traveling with the recording artist, but some session musicians worked in the studio only, as always there are exceptions. Once upon a time, most every solo singer and many groups/bands used backing vocalists to fill out the sound they were trying to deliver to their audience. Today these singers may be used less frequently, there purpose is to fill in a missing element groups can’t produce on their own, such vocal range, pitch and sound. Truth be told many well known singers if asked for an “F” are more likely to show a middle finger rather than sing a perfect fifth

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