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I know I have some Wordle fans, I follow this very interesting blog and thought I would share!

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Vorrei proporre un acrostico che rifacendosi alla poesia di Adrienne Rich gioca con la parola Relitto:

Riaffioro lentamente,
Emergendo dalla
Liquida distesa
In cui mi ero immersa per
Tentar di trovar
Tesori sommersi,
Orgogliosa della mia conchiglia bianca.

Se volete partecipare, aggiungete i vostri testi nei commenti: saranno riportati qui⤵️

The language game I’d like to suggest this week is an Acrostic that refers to Adrienne Rich’s poem and spells out the word Wreck

Wars always
Cancelling life

If you want to play, please write acrostics in your own language: they will be published here⤵️

aparna12 sent this delightful acrostic, allowing herself a poetic license from the proposed word:

Don’t get offended if anyone calls you stupid because STUPID stands for
S Smart
T Talented
U Unique

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