10 thoughts on “April 11 – Turntable Talk 13 : Rogers Sails Northwest

  1. In 2001, I made the drive to Toronto to visit one of my good blogging buddies. I stayed with him and his partner for a day or two. His partner “forced me” to watch a documentary on Stan Rogers, who I’d never heard of before. I’m glad he did. What a Canadian National Treasure!

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      • To add to the trivia, it was October 2001, just after the 9/11 bombings/explosions/attack. I crossed at Port Huron on that big (blue?) bridge and had to wait awhile to get across. Part of that trip we went out to those 3 islands off of Toronto. My friend told me about a labyrinth on one of the islands so of course I wanted to see it for myself. We also walked along the boardwalk on the “back” of the islands and took a stroll on the (deserted in October) clothing optional beach.

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  2. thanks again for taking part in this, Randy. It was really cool to find out about a Canadian talent I didn’t know of, and it seemed a lot of people, Canucks or not, felt the same over at my site.

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    • You’re most welcome Dave. The opportunity has given me reason to try different writing approaches as well as pointing my research in new directions. I always look forward to Turntable Talk!


  3. As I commented on Dave’s blog, the incredible singing in and of itself makes this a compelling tune. Then there are the intriguing lyrics.

    It’s actually funny, as I started reading your post on Dave’s blog, specifically the sentence, “There are so many destination songs and place names”, I instantly thought about “I’ve Been Everywhere” (I know and love Johnny Cash’s rendition) , the very same song you mentioned a few lines further down!

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